ware the abomination!

all the rage in wales!

It has come to this, has it? Royalty, ladies and countesses and even a baroness or two, installing exercise horses in their rooms.

I find this sad, truly. When there are so many very good steeds getting fat in the stable, why can’t we encourage ladies to ride them? Nay. Neigh! Instead, the hucksters far and wide have created pretend horses, for pretend riding!

Oh, I can see Baroness now, she’ll be signing up for one of these atrocities post-haste. She of the chronic auto-intoxication. She of the frigid temperament.

As for me, I shall never give up my gallops through the Englischer Garten on Cupid and Psyche. Let the duchesses, archduchesses and women of court have their steely ponies. Me, I wish to have an animal with a beating heart beneath my bustle!