this new year’s eve, have a ball!

a young wannabe eclipsing the glamor that was me!

Whirling and dipping and elegant flipping, these are a few of my favorite things!  But of course, those are circus tricks–which I had to give up when I married the Emperor.  In exchange for the freedom of trapeze and horseback, I have settled for the opulent lavish Court ball.

At the winter palace, the Hof, we Habsburgs were particularly fond of the Imperial Ball–a year-end celebration of excess and hope for the coming year.  On the last day of the year, my hairdressers worked on me all day: affixing diamonds to my tresses in random-yet-equal measure, so that at any angle I sparkled like a Christmas tree.

My once-favorite niece, Marie Larisch, the girl who ultimately betrayed me by acting as go-between for my son and his lover, called me Titania, Queen of the Faeries.  I liked that!  Especially as I approached the ripe old age of forty, (when similarly decked-out ladies of the modern age are referred to by the somewhat unfortunate term MILF).

If you go to Vienna in this day and age, you too can attend the Imperial Ball.  As long as you have the 140 Euros per person, a ball gown and tuxedo.  Upon arrival, a fake Sisi and Franz Joseph will greet guests at the entrance to the Hof.

Interested?  Of course you are, dear friends, so what are you waiting for!?  Book here, and don’t forget to tell them Sisi sent you. Meanwhile, here’s a little tidbit on the event:

resolutions be damned! this new year's eve, have more of everthing!

The 41st Imperial Ball in Hofburg Palace on 31 December promises an evening in the style of the
great entertainers and traditional Austrian waltzes. This year’s theme, “That’s Entertainment,” promises well-known melodies and lively rhythms in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra, Robbie Williams and many more. To dance merrily into the New Year, however, the traditional “Blue Danube” waltz is an absolute must.

The highlights of New Year’s Eve include the opening by debutants from Elmayer dance school, an hour-long imperial & royal New Year’s Gala at midnight to rhythmic melodies by the stars of the past and present, the sound of the Pummerin and the “Blue Danube” waltz at midnight as well as the popular quadrilles. Visitors to the ball will also be treated to an exquisite gala dinner.