this Christmas, have a Sisi-fest!

sunday's child in her holiday finest

Lest you think me a woebegotten narcissist, I bring you the top ten reasons to honor my memory with a purchase of Sisi-kitsch this holiday season.

1. I was born on Christmas Eve.

2. All nine of us Wittelsbach children had his/her very own Christmas tree.

3.  Nobody does Christmas better than Bavaria.

4. My coloring and fashion sense work well on mousepads and mugs.

5. O Tannenbaum! O Tannenbaum!

6. Though I didn’t exactly invent the Vienna Boys’ Choir, there’s a natural association.

7. Zazzle!

i make an excellent mousepad

8. I was born with a “lucky tooth” and therefore destined for great things.

9. The “Good Faerie” gave me exceptional beauty, sweetness, dignity, grace, kindness and wit.

10. Unfortunately, the “Wicked Faerie”  also cast a spell, professing that nothing would bring me happiness; and that even my extraordinary beauty would bring me sorrow.

So, you see, my legacy is the perfect set up for the yin-yang drama of the holidays! (Okay, now you really think me a woebegotten narcissist!)

Sunday’s child, a child of the sun;

Her golden rays she wove into my throne,

With her glow she wove my crown,

It is in her light that I live.

-Empress Elisabeth