let’s hear it for my muff!

when it comes to my muff, you may look, but you may not touch!

Just when you thought it was safe to put away your travel plans, I’m here to tell you about an exciting development at the Hof!  For the next three months, the Sisi Museum will be displaying my very favorite ermine cape and muff ensemble.

No 19th century Viennese lady worth her weight in schnitzel would be seen roaming the winter streets without this essential item.

Ermine, you say, why, aren’t they endangered? Shouldn’t we just say Nein! to the killing of defenseless little weasels?  On this subject, I must admit, I’m all for butchering the nasty little devils.  Have you ever been bitten by an ermine?  I have.  And I’d much rather wear the varmints than participate in their livelihood.

But I digress.  The cape and muff you see here were a very favorite part of my winter wardrobe. The soft white dotted with just a touch of ebony made me think of my own soul, upon which a mere smattering of sins lay.

disney all but ruined the ermine trend!

Of course in our day only the Habsburg monarchs were allowed to wear ermine.  It was a symbol of power and wealth, you know.  Coronation regalia and all of that.  Aside from the ostentatiousness of it all, I truly covet the silky denseness of a well put-together ermine piece.  The sort of fur that comes from Russian ermines, ones that are slaughtered in winter, when their coat is maximally thick and white.

And there’s the purity metaphor that goes along with the look.  Purity, wealth, untouchableness–it all so characterizes my life as an Empress! You must come and see for yourself. But remember if you do, when it comes to my muff, you may look, but you may not touch!