when a tart is not a tart

Katharina was much more wifely than I!

It has been noted that there are several parallels between myself and Lady Di.  Most often reported is that we were both obsessed with our weight.  Also, that we suffered from ill-treatment and the occasional shunning from our mothers-in-law (both women had their sons hangtied–what is the mother-son equivalent of pussy-whipped, anyway?).  Also, we both died violent deaths, at the hand of another.

But on the subject of our husbands’ mistresses, well, there is a huge distinction.  Namely, I was FOR the Emperor’s long-standing dalliance with the actress Katharina Schratt.  In fact, I pushed the two together like chicken and dumplings!

Of course, it was different for Di. What with paparazzi constantly trying to humiliate her with clandestine snapshots of Charles and Camilla.  The Princess considered the Prince’s affair an intrusion, calling Camilla “the third person in our marriage.”

My thoughts on a suitable mistress are a bit different. With discretion, the right concubine can ease household tension. Reduce the chore of frequent intimacies.  Put a smile on a grumpy face.  The thing is, though, the tart must know her place. She’s much like an extra lady-in-waiting, actually.  Someone to help with household responsibilities.

In the end, I do thank Frau Schratt for all she did for my marriage.  She was kind, unambitious and clean.  What more could a wife want from her husband’s mistress?

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