fergie, under cover of headgear?

A hat to hide a duchess.

Poor Fergie, the black sheep Duchess of York. Not only is she frequently maligned by the tabloids, she is continually shunned by the Royal Family at large. While her daughters received one of the coveted invitations to the nuptials of the 21st century on April 29, the red-haired perpetual persona non grata did not.

All that aside, I’m thrilled at the recent announcement that Irish milliner, Philip Treacy, will be creating the hats  for the affair. Kate’s tart of a stepmother-in-law, Camilla, actually came up with the idea, for Treacy created the headgear for her wedding, six years ago.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Fergie had Treacy create a headpiece just for her? One where her face was hidden completely, so she could stealthily attend the blessed event? If it were me, I’d consider such a ruse. Why not? What does she have to lose, anyway?

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