of beauty and fascination. rule the third.

as joyous as the first birdsong in spring, so is the melody of a well-tempered voice.

Let me tell you a little story about the power of a lovely voice.

There was a woman of my acquaintance in Berlin, a dumpy countess she was. Her eyes were dull, her skin, rough. She was cursed with a dingy complexion and the coarse hair of an aging nag. Nonetheless, they called her “siren,” and she had a great many lovers, and she never wanted for company. Why? Well, when she opened her mouth, we all flocked round, just for a sample of her sweet, buttery voice.

The converse of this, we ladies have all born witness. I reference here the voluptuous beauty who would do much better should she feign muteness. There is the rasper, the nasal-speaker, the grown woman with the voice of a child–high-pitched and squealing at a volume that causes hounds to howl.

Dear ones, we must tender our vocal chords with honey and low tones. Practice, too, appropriate annunciation that conveys correct emotion. For instance: the exhilaration of mirth, the profound sighs of sadness, the trembling interrupted sobbing of grief. Our voice is indeed the instrument of our soul, and like that ugly countess learned, it is an asset that can open more doors than you might know.

Gentlemen, your seduction-of-the-day tip is below.

If you can affect effeminacy and lisping softness in your speech, do so. Mimic the castrato at your favorite opera, in fact, as it will associate you, in the lady’s mind, with the charming subject of the music, and render in her brain that quavers and unmeaning words are part of the package (that also includes, of course, much less-soft manly parts).