of beauty and fascination. rule the fourth.

Henry VIII and his boobalicious entourage.

Today, I shall dedicate this post to the gentlemen entirely, and our rule will focus on, well, to use the modern parlance, bling.

Again, I turn to the stylization in the recent Tudors series, where King Henry VIII and his retinue are festooned in fob chains, breast pins and all manner of rings. But let us not forget about the last Spanish Habsburg king, Charles II, another so-called King of Bling (though he was more famous for his long, thick curls and the breed of spaniel named for him). Throughout history, there is quite a bit of evidence to suggest powerful men are not afraid to be fancy.

The ladies swooned for King Chuck!

Like these ostentatious monarchs, you, too should beat your drum loudly with flash and sparkle. Gentlemen, by all means wear jewelry! If you have not your own, borrow it, or get it some other way, for you must be sure that you go not into the presence of any woman, whose good opinion is worth having, without layer upon layer of ornament.

Would you mess with this bird?

Take a page, perhaps, from nature. The peacock, yes? Here’s a little-known fact: it is not that the brightness  itself attracts a mate, it is the pomp and sure-cockedness (pun intended) of such a colorful bird defying predators to eat him if they can wrestle him down. It is as if he says, “Yes, I’m easy to find, but woe to the fox that can kill me, for I am one tough critter!”

Like a peahen, we ladies swoon over that sort of brash, self-assuredness. Remember, the bigger the rock, the bigger the … well, never mind.