william & harry

sons. is there anything better?

The groom and the best man. Diana’s boys. Oh how proud she would be, don’t you think? And wouldn’t she have been just a fabulous mother-in-law? I’m getting the embroidered hankie out now, for I fear tears will overtake me on short order.

William. The typical heir: well-behaved, appropriate in the ways that a Prince must be. Marrying a lovely girl (in just a few short hours). Spitting image of his dad (but let us hope, for Kate’s sake, he doesn’t have a Camilla stashed in a turret down the lane).

Harry. The jokester, playboy and spare heir. Impetuous little brother. The polo playing playboy. My guess is that had Diana lived, Harry would be her secret ally. The one she’d text at midnight asking what does “shawdee” mean, anyway?

Tomorrow is a big day. There will be tears and cheers. William and Harry though? In the spotlight since day one? They will shine. Trust me. Kate will be lovely, of course, but when we watch those boys, we’ll be thinking about another bride. The star of that other royal wedding, 30 years ago.


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  1. I agree in your every word! Every time I think of this wedding only one person comes to mind….the one and only Princess D. The boys are immaculate, but still, she shines through them! But nonetheless, I adore Kate. She is what this royal family needs…..a normal girl!


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