my hairstyles on display. using genuine hair!

my hair was my crown, but much more difficult to take off at night!

Since I am widely known as a coiffure icon, it is only fitting that, at long last, my trendsetting hairstyles (such as the one to the left) are now on display at the Sisi Museum.

Finally, a realistic representation of the lavish and painstaking details of my plaited garland. If you care to read the accompanying display literature, you’ll note my disdain and refusal to have my tresses arranged in the lumpy kob of nape known as the Cadogan (see diagram below).

the hideous cadogan was all the rage for men and women. I refused to follow that trend!

The museum saw fit to feature three versions of my most oft-worn hairstyles–and they are made from genuine hair! (Not mine, of course, for that would be rather macabre, don’t you agree?)

Rather than wear my hair in boring knots and knobs, I took my inspiration from the actresses of the day. The fancy Opera singers and their more fascinating coiffures piled and plaited and curled. Ah, but having hair such as mine was a blessing and a curse. For three hours each day I sat in one place while Fanny, my hairdresser, fiddled and fussed. And that precludes the egg yolk and brandy treatments I succumbed to each and every fortnight!

The brushes, the combs, the flat irons! Indeed, it’s quite possible that the modern curling iron was perfected due to its application on hair such as mine. See for yourself. And, in particular, the salon history buffs among you, do not leave the museum without investigating the curling tongs and blades in the front cabinet (I understand it’s located near the turnstile).

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