sisi (or franzl) yourself!

the latest craze!

Diversion alert! Have you ever dreamt of being an empress (or emperor?)? Well, get in line. I mean, step right up! Surround yourself in royal robes. Wear the crown!

The Sisi Museum, I’m pleased to announce, is embracing social media gimmickry as a way to send news of upcoming exhibits. Now, you can plaster your face inside a cartoonish likeness of yours truly or that of my hardworking emperor husband.

I imagine the Museum was talked into this by some recent grad coming from University chattering on about the necessity of Facebook to drive interest in such displays as my brown lacy shawl, and the ankle boots worn by my children. I have, of course, surrendered to the Tweet, and to the blog and to the Facebook myself. Obviously. And so, I suppose I should create my own app! Actually, I think I’d be more inclined to invent a sort of Angry Birds game, wherein I throw apples at umpteen versions of my mother-in-law, perched upon crates of TNT.

Meanwhile, tarry on. Become a Sisi (or a Franzl), and garner some “votes.” Whatever that may mean.

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