US Soccer star Megan Rapinoe in Austria!

Okay, so they lost. They edged up to the precipice, whacked a couple in, then came up short at the end. Such is life.

From my perch in history, I’ve seen the agony of defeat hundreds of times. Just look at what happened to the Habsburg Empire, for goodness sakes! But, enough about me. I want to offer my very own comment on the US Women’s World Cup team. All those powerful women. Their strong spirits. It makes me quite sad that the Austrians never offered up a contender in world class soccer (well, other than the topless girls who blew away the Germans a few years back).

The Austrians did have a hand, however, in preparing the second place World Cup winners. Right before they shuttled off to Germany, the US Women’s soccer team spent time training in my old stomping grounds. A mountain town near Salzburg called Leogang. Look here! It’s that play-maker Megan Rapinoe on the record on the beauty of Austria.