diamonds are an empress’s best friend

What’s an elaborate hairstyle without a tiara, yes? For all you crown aficionados, here is a delightful (albeit LONG) presentation of European royal headdresses. Note, my various crowns are nowhere to be found in this line up, thought plenty of my sisters’ and cousins’ bling-ridden hair ornaments are shown. Extra credit to those who can pick them out!

*This just in! For all you royal enthusiasts. Kate’s wedding dress is on display!

For those of you who wish to view yours truly under cover of crown, I submit the following:

The sepia tone does this one well, don't you think?

This so, so Austrian, these colors and this expression. This is my least favorite head-bling, but I think the neck band quite fetching.

Now here's a good view of the diamonds. And don't I look busty in this one!

Last but not least, the veil view. The amber background suits my coloring, yes?