5 thoughts on “sophie_dalencon_3_apfxmadam

  1. Ah, I think Sophie is the Winner here, in spite of her Unfortunate Name [LOL] , she has classical features, sultry eyes, and her personality seems to shine. I think she would have known how to laugh, she has laughter at the corner of her mouth and wit in her eyes. She was a heroine anyway, remember how she tried to save that child while they were both dying in the fire. I think Sophie is the Angel in this bouquet of Flowers.


  2. Sophie was indeed a hottie. No doubt about it. And she had an affinity for adventure. Very precocious! Alas, they kept trying to set her up the gay men at court. Mad King Ludwig. Lutzi Wutzi (the emperor’s very unattractive brother). Eventually she made a match with Duke Ferdinand of Alencon, but, like many in her family, Dear Sophie fell to bouts of melancholia, which led to restlessness and impulsiveness. She took up with a married doctor and the lovers fled to Switzerland, where they were caught and dragged back home. Our Sophie was sent to the nut house in Graz, and given 5 months of shock treatment, ice-cold water baths, and blistering hoo-ha ointments. Oh, and they fired rounds next to her ear. That cured her, apparently, and she spent her remaining days crocheting and tatting, smiling and nodding. She eventually burned in a fire.


  3. I wonder, who okayed that treatment, the French In-Laws or the Bavarian Family, one would think the Empress would have something to say about it?


    • It’s hard to know how much Sisi knew. The party line was that Sophie was “unwell” and needed a “rest cure.” A woman gone mad, you see. Oh, but what would history be like if “hysteria” were disallowed as a reason to lock women up and perform all manner of abominations!


  4. Well, just remember that the usual cure for ‘hysteria’ at that time was masturbation by either a doctor or midwife, and that those spas usually had ‘hose douches’ that did the same thing. I sometimes wonder what all those ladies at the spas were getting up to. You had to be really out there and/or outspoken to get put in an asylum. Poor Sophie, goes in for the ‘cure’ and ends up with PTSD.


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