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From DiversionBooks, January, 2014

From DiversionBooks, January, 2014

Hello, dears.

It is often customary, when visiting a home where a new baby dwells, to bring a gift for the sibling who is no longer “new.” As an older sibling many times over, I can attest to jealousies and tantrums of displaced toddlers. That is why, I’d like to give away Suzy’s debut, THE MOMENT BEFORE, before the new little empress steals the show entirely.

Henceforth, I’ve embarked upon one of those “Rafflecopter” games in service to domestic harmony and goodwill. Spread the word, would you? I’d be ever so grateful. And so would that little debut who’s about to be pushed into the shadow. (USA only – sorry in advance to my International friends! 🙂

The Giveaway begins Monday, August 11th and runs for a week!

Click here to access the Rafflecopter giveaway

frocks and a CONTEST!

O, but it has been too long my dears. What with all the rest cures and the Olympics and renovations at the Hof.

I think you all deserve something pretty to look at, as well as a little parlour game to keep you amused, so I will post a series of my favorite frocks herein. Some of these you’ll recognize, as they are part of formal portraiture. Can you match the outfits with their purpose? Here are the categories:

A. the Hungarian coronation gown

B. the Winterhalter gala gown

C. the Polterabend kleid frock

D. a mourning riding habit

Now, mix and match, and offer your answers in the comment section (e.g. A = ONE and so on–though that is not the correct answer!). Winner will receive one of my favorite books of the year: The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna.

You have the entire weekend to think this through. I shall choose my winner randomly (as long as the answers are correct), and post the results on Tuesday August, 28th.

Good luck, and happy viewing!