Hello. My name is Princess Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie in Bavaria, but my intimates call me Sisi. One day I will become the Empress of Austria, the Queen of Hungary, and a cult figure in the Viennese Court. But for now, I’m a restless little princess who can’t sit still, hates fancy, itchy crinolines, and would like nothing more than to follow the sun through the forest near my home, bathe in the Starnberg See, and frolic with my pets. Alas, this is my story, as I creep ever closer to becoming one of the most watched and gossiped about figures of the 19th century, before the fall of the mighty Habsburg Empire.

In The Empress Chronicles, 15-year old Liz hates her new digs in the ramshackle farmhouse just shy of cell phone zone, where she’s been banished to live with her father and his girlfriend. Recovering from anorexia and OCD, and trying to manage more than a few crippling phobias, she is headed for another crisis when bad boy Cory comes to join the family for the summer.

Meanwhile, one-and-a-half centuries earlier, Elisabeth of Bavaria has troubles of her own. The headstrong Empress-to-Be is gifted a magical locket that has the ability to predict true love. But there is evil afoot, a wicked enchantress who wishes to use the power of the locket to her own end, and the Empress finds out that love and freedom both come with a price.

With a little help from a 21st century shrink and a 19th century mystic, these two heroines ultimately co-mingle and Liz (with Cory’s help) uncovers a centuries old secret that holds the power to rewrite history.

The Empress Chronicles is written as the first book in a potential series of contemporary-historical mashups with paranormal elements, and will be published by Diversion Books in September of 2014.


To find out more about Suzy, visit suzyvitello.com


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